Mexican Photographs


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Mexican Photographs is based on distinct memories pulled from both my childhood growing up in Mexico, and my travels to Europe during architecture school. It is meant to be sung in remembrance of the best days we have spent together with friends and family, and in thankfulness for a full life.

Art Work by Kynsley Akens and Allen Oka


I was thinking of a sweet song
Sung by swinging a pitchfork prong,
Sung by waking at the crack of dawn
To walk along the sea.

I was dreaming of a hot wind
through a forest full of kindling,
When a silent bolt of lightning
lit a fire beneath my feet.

You were mixing up a miracle
screaming, "Im a train whistle!"
Careening like a cruise missile
Toward a private beach.

Where we went whistling round the blue sea
Turning oceans into memories
Turning me into photography
A journalist so free

When we begin, we enter in
A blindly banging dissonance
In Mexican Photographs
We can be parachute tramps and pick a place to land.

Picture please these green seas,
Or the train conductor screaming
Scrambling on your knees
Up white cliffs and dust

What a thought to think of us alone
Like a cabin built of bones
Like a hearth without a home
A cathedral full of rust.

When we begin, in death my friend
To understand all of our suffering
And enter in at long at last
We can be parading tramps and pick a place to dance.

We are parachute tramps
We are parachute tramps
We are parachute tramps
We are parachute tramps
We’ll pick a place to dance
We’ll pick a place to dance
We’ll pick a place to dance
We’ll pick a place to dance


released August 3, 2011



all rights reserved


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COYOL is a collision of the old Southwest and the new Los Angeles. A seemingly contradictory duo, COYOL is a beautiful juxtaposition between polished and poignant vocalist, Celeigh Champan, and unrefined, avant-garde artist, John Isaac Watters.

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