Gone Gone


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Céleigh had written the first stanzas of "Gone Gone" after speaking with her grandparents about failing crops and the continual fight for water in California. Together, Watters and Chapman applied this sense of helplessness and defiance to loss of faith, failing relationships, and dislocation in an attempt to write a song that felt like singing a Steinbeck Novel. The image accompanying "Gone Gone" is by photographer Brian Schirk. It depicts the interior of a dusty mausoleum in Baja California.


it hasn't rained in Alabama in a year
the earth has dried to dust which was my greatest fear
there’s no good grain to harvest when there's nothing coming down
oh, i prayed aloud to jesus but he didn't make a sound
i asked the bank for money but the cash had all run out
and i’m no good at talking when all i do is shout
i’m bustin’ up my chifferobe, i’m headed for the coast
and the only thing I’ll leave behind’s the holy ghost

gone gone
gone gone
gone gone
gone gone

though you may wrap around me i will not be warm
though you speak my name and beckon me I'll always be alone
if you sneak in and wait for me i will not come home
I will not await your baited breath on the telephone
go away and do not call, go away and do not call
i need no fancy flowers a hangin’ on my wall
i need no falling footsteps flip floppin’ in my hall
if what you say you are is not what you are at all

gone gone
water in a drought
gone gone
echo in a shout
gone gone
peace when war starts
gone gone
light when it is dark
gone gone
and never coming back
gone gone
my china bowl has cracked
gone gone
like peaches in the dust
gone gone
like everyone i trust


released April 28, 2011



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COYOL Los Angeles, California

COYOL is a collision of the old Southwest and the new Los Angeles. A seemingly contradictory duo, COYOL is a beautiful juxtaposition between polished and poignant vocalist, Celeigh Champan, and unrefined, avant-garde artist, John Isaac Watters.

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